· I love creating online courses. This is where I put into practice all my professional experience of my 20+ years working as a corporate trainer, team leader and change manager as well as my life long research and study of consciousness and spirituality.

· With my Healing, Coaching & Mentoring, I support you finding your FLOW, balance and PEACE of mind, becoming your authentic self who wishes to live a Heart-centered, Conscious life and apply that to your work, live, relationships or business. Contact me to discuss your options.

· I have lots of free content that you can look up first before deciding studying or working with me. There are some courses that I offer free of charge, articles, blog, videos and ebooks for you at the School of Consciousness page.


If you feel ready to transform and 100% committed to work with me, get in touch to share your dreams.


I love creating and offering online courses that supports you in opening your heart, raising your consciousness, becoming a happier and more fulfilled person and transforming your life, business and relationships.


You will find all my free content at the School of Consciousness: articles, courses, blog, videos, ebooks.

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"You/r Coaching course definitely changed my life for the best."
Wouter Kindt
Project Change Manager, Belgium
“I´ve had the privilege to lived the brilliant experience of being trained as a Coach with Gema Ramírez. I feel empowered and confidence after her mentorship."
Estefanía Falcón
Marketing & Communications Expert, Spain
Tracy Blalock-Hills
Director GIA Wellness
Lara Khalaf
Women Leadership Expert
Sue Johnson
Executive Director GIA Wellness
“I feel more confident and secure. A new ME. Now I know my future depends on me.”
Claudia MP
Business Manager, Cisco, Chile
“I have more confident in my personal and professional life. Now I know what I want and I´m going for it!”
Alena M
Project Manager, Cisco, Belgium