WOMEN 5.0: Conscious Leadership for Women

It is the time for women to join together as powerful leaders who will transform the world into a place ruled by Love, Freedom, Beauty, Nurturing, Peace and Conscious Leadership.

Women know how to create a loving environment. Women are critical for the building of nations that thrive and flourish.

Empowering women to feel free and supported to be themselves is paramount for the survival of humanity in these times that we are living.

With WOMEN 5.0 we aim to touch the soul of those women who feel the call to be more authentic, more conscious, more confident and be more at peace.

WOMEN 5.0 do not leave her femininity behind, instead, they embrace their feminine nature and use her wisdom to bring that forth in all they does. They are aware of the masculine and feminine qualities are are able to use them as they are needed.

WOMEN 5.0 know that it is the time women start supporting each other instead of being against each other.

WOMEN 5.0 celebrates her sisters and looks for community of women where they can flourish and thrive together, instead of feeling threatened by each other´s power and influence.

WOMEN 5.0 unify Conscious Leadership with the feminine values.

WOMEN 5.0 empower other women to be powerful women who know their worth and are not afraid to show it to the world in service to Humanity.


  • A call for the feminine leaders and the priestesses who are feeling their time to step forth and be seeing is now
  • A 7-month online program in conscious education
  • A healing of the heart journey to welcome more of your Soul in
  • A learning of Presence as a way of Being in the world
  • A practice of Flow to clear the blocks that are stopping your from your being your Greatness
  • An opportunity to incorporate the principles of Conscious Leadership
  • A supportive environment of the group of women who are studying with you
  • A group coaching and 1 on 1 coaching program
  • An open opportunity to raise in Love with yourself by Being that successful, confident, empowered, unstoppable woman you know you deeply are.


  • Beloved Consciousness Healing Program
  • Cultivate Presence – The Art of Being
  • Cultivate Flow – The Art of Living
  • Cultivate Conscious Leadership – The Art of Serving
  • 7 month of online support with group and individual coaching
  • Access to a Facebook group with all the women doing your program
  • Lifetime access to the program


  • Women who are Professional, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs who are Heart-Centre and want to run a conscious business or / and a conscious way of living
  • Women who see themselves as leaders because they feel inspired to inspire others to create a better world for themselves. The program suits women in leadership roles of any kind, while being a boss at work is a way of leading, being a mother, a small business owner, a foundation member, an inspirational and impactful woman in any area, are also leadership roles
  • Women who have a deep desire for spiritual and personal growth, who know there is much more to life than what they are doing right now, who feel a deep calling to go within and heal their souls and hearts and be free
  • Deeply loving and compassionate women who have a strong yearning to serve others and want to know how to do it
  • Women who are 100% committed to remembering who they are and embrace a new way of conscious living from the heart
  • If you are reading this still, this is probably for you.


  • The program support lasts 7 months
  • The next launch begins March 21 and run till October 21, 2021
  • Live calls every Wednesday for 7 months
  • Access to all online programs
  • Ongoing support via the Facebook group
  • Unlimited email support


  • March – Beloved Consciousness
  • April – May – Cultivate Presence
  • June – August – Cultivate Flow
  • September – October – Cultivate Conscious Leadership


  • Gema Ramírez, Visionary, Dreamer of Peace, Catalyst of Spiritual Transformation, Advocate of Conscious Leadership and Authentic Business
  • Consciousness Teachings, Coaching & Healing at the School of Consciousness
  • A lifetime of Spiritual and Conscious evolution
  • 25+ years of corporate experience in IT Training, Leadership and Change Management
  • 4 years as a solopreneur – coaching, mentoring, teaching online
  • Areas of expertise: Conscious Leadership, Presence (Meditation and Mindfulness), Heart Consciousness, Flow
  • For a full bio go to the About page