The Sacred Heart is located in the centre of your chest and is the home for your Beloved Soul.
Deep traumas, conditioning, programming, childhood memories make you close your heart and envelop it in layers upon layers of disconnection with your True Essence.
When you feel your Heart open again, after all those years of closing it to Love, a huge sense of relief and comfort invades you and a sense of coming home surrounds you.
Life is never the same again...

Many feel stuck and find difficulty in opening up to Love, to move up in life to their next level whether this is in their spiritual path, in their careers, in the families, in their relationships.

Situations seem to come back again and again and unresolved issues, that they thought healed, return frequently and they feel in a loop.

The pain, the emotional wound, is still open unhealed.

With this beautiful, kind and soft healing, past emotional traumas are released. The Heart is fully opened and felt. Karma is released and you are set free. Free to Love, Free to Discover Your Truth, Free to Find out your True Purpose. Free to Feel the Joy of Your Own Heart. Free to Live a more Fulfilled and Happier Life.



We start with the Opening of the Heart Meditation.

We have all experienced pain in our own Hearts and this can be seen as loneliness. Unless we are connected to Spirit, this loneliness will always be there, for that is what loneliness is.

We long for this connection and the Joy that it brings but so few know how to find it.


Understand the power that lies within your Heart, your spiritual power.

The physical heart is an amazing organ that regulates the whole body. It has neurons as the brain and it´s the centre of your intuition, your emotional intelligence, your spiritual intelligence, the harmony in your body and the connection with your Soul, other people and the planet.


The experience of Love, Joy and Freedom happens through your own Heart, clearing up shock and trauma from birth to today in a gentle, loving way.

All can be remembered and released and your Heart will be free.

There is a feeling of becoming who you truly are and you can begin to live pure Joy.


This is the most powerful method there is to access the lives you have not released, resolved or remembered.

Deep seated emotional and mental stresses are dissolved and patterns unravelled.

Painful memories that affect you today can be dissolved.

Threads and bindings are released and a wonderful sense of freedom experienced.

As your Essence reconnects it brings the deepest Joy as you embrace your Spirit.


Healing takes places when your beliefs about healing are supportive of the healing process. When you believe in the process, you can:
  • open your Heart and access that space of deep connection with your soul any time
  • release any fear of breathing which is the fear to life and death
  • release any contracts you have with your past history
  • reframe your present reality to release anything that no longer serves you and create a new picture of reality aligned with your soul´s purpose and intentions
  • heal your inner child and past traumas


The Program consists of 2 sessions of up to 2 hours each plus a year of ongoing support via a private Facebook group.

  • SESSION 1 – a 2-hour group session to raise your Consciousness
    • Open of the Heart meditation
    • Power and Intelligence of your Heart
    • Healing of your Heart
    • Superconscious of your Breath
    • Superconscious of your Karma
  • SESSION 2 – 1-hour individual and customised session
    • an individualised superconscious to remove your blocks and reprogram your superconscious with the reality your soul is dreaming for you
  • In between sessions 121 support via personal messaging
  • Live time access to the Private Facebook group where you will have support, teachings and learnings which will be invaluable through the healing and transformation that you will experience after completing this program
  • A meditation / visualisation that you will be able to use for you, your family, your loved ones and even to start your own meditation group in person or online

As soon as you book your session by completing the payment process, the work starts to happen in response to your commitment.


  • Gema Ramírez, Catalyst for Spiritual Transformation
  • Visionary, Dreamer of Peace, Advocate of Conscious Leadership and Authentic Living, in service to Love
  • Consciousness Teachings, Coaching & Healing at the School of Consciousness
  • Open Your Heart · Be At Peace · Raise Your Consciousness
  • 25+ years of corporate experience in IT Training, Leadership and Change Management
  • 6 years as a supporting people with coaching, mentoring, healing, teaching online
  • Areas of expertise: Conscious Leadership, Presence (Meditation and Mindfulness), Heart Consciousness, Flow, Peace
  • For a full bio go to the About page

Only €200

The total investment for this healing program is a non refundable €200 to be paid in one statement before attending the first session.

Any sessions not taken can be taken at any other available times within 6 months after payment.

100% of the profits from this program will go to the Shambhala School of Consciousness Educational Trust.