F.L.O.W. - The Art of Living

Freedom. Love. Optimal Wealth & Well-Being


Are you 100% committed to your spiritual growth and transformation?

  • You constantly read, seek and explore the nature of consciousness
  • You enjoy having conscious and deep conversations
  • You love helping people


Are you experiencing some challenges in spite of having achieve great results in your professional and / or personal life?

  • You are a leader in your field, a highly paid professional, a CEO yet you still feel you don´t know your value yet
  • You feel blocked with perfectionism, procrastination, receiving…
  • You lack in confidence
  • You are prone to negativity
  • You feel insecure in spite of your success


Are you feeling inside there is something more that you could be doing for you or for the world that you are not doing?

  • You live in two worlds, your professional circle and your spiritual world
  • You are afraid of mentioning your spiritual nature in your working environment or work colleagues for fear of being ostracized or judged
  • You desire inside your heart to be a Conscious Leader, to implement more ethical working conditions, but you feel scared that others may not understand or support you

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A sum up of your F.L.O.W. program:

21 days program: 3 videos, 15 audios, 3 live QnA calls.

PLUS: all scripts of all videos and audios, 1 one to one coaching session, 50% discount in the next FLOW program part 2.

“Allow yourself to be happy! The best legacy you can leave the world and those you love is your own Happiness; your own example of a Happy and Fulfilled life.”

Gema Ramírez



The Mind creates freely and in order to experience this freedom of choice, each creation in the world of form has a Consciousness of its own that reflects a different reality for each chosen Thought. In one life, it appears to be limited opportunities yet this one life is part of the infinite array of potentialities that Mind contains within itself.


Love is the essence of life, it´s the force behind all things, it´s what gives life to life. Many people would identify love with god, the universe, the universal intelligence… I like to call it love. Love is what we are made of; it´s what remains when we take the body, the emotions, the mind, the consciousness away. Love exists before creation and is impermanent, ever-lasting, never-dying.


There is no lack in a creative force with infinite possibilities, lack only exists as a concept, as a thought. Individuals with higher awareness, who have learnt to live from the heart, creating their own realities based on the choice of thoughts that are more in alignment with the essence of the Mind, of Love, will be more inclined to create a life of prosperity and abundance, as the Consciousness chooses the Thoughts that create that.