What you may not want to hear about forgiveness

Are you able to forgive and let go?

If you are reading this you probably can’t. If you can, forgive me and move on or keep reading anyways.

Forgiving someone for what they did to you it is only the beginning of the healing process for you.

Knowing that forgiveness is what you must do to heal is the awareness, the starting point of forgiveness.

Once the awareness of the fact that forgiveness will liberate you, the realisation begins:

– You assume responsibility for your healing process, no longer blaming the person who hurt you.

– You embody the wisdom of your heart that no one has the power to hurt you, they seem to hurt you because you let them hurt you. Your hurting is a reflection of your attachment to them, to the idea of them, to the fantasy of the relationship you made up about them and you. For real love keeps loving and turn pain into compassionate action.

– You learn that forgiveness is about you, not about them. That for as long as you keep holding a grudge against them, you are allowing them to keep hurting you, without the other person even knowing that they are still hurting you in your head. You keep giving your spiritual power away when you refuse to let go and forgive.

– You realise that forgiveness is not about loving or not loving the other, forgiveness is about self-love. That your capacity to forgive is intimately related to your capacity to love yourself. For someone who loves themselves will not hesitate one second to produce any harm upon themselves by not forgiving.

– You begin to feel grateful towards the person who broke your heart because they helped you see how much or how little you loved yourself and hence start working on your self-care more.

– You know that not everyone come into your life to stay forever. Some people come to you to show you the reflection of you so that you can see those parts that you are still not loving about you.

– You learn that loving someone in spite of everything is good for your heart and that Love can exist as strong without the other person, because Love is the nature of your Heart, not something outside of you.

– You finally open your Heart, releasing all the layers of protection that you put around it and allowing your Love to flow freely towards you, your closed ones and then others.

– Your life changes when your Love fills you up with its pure magic and Joy, Freedom, Peace become your natural state of being.

– Loving your darkness, accepting your hurt, loving the ones that hurt you, accepting that you can be your worse enemy, including you in your forgiveness and your gratitude, allowing pain to be felt and observe how it gets transformed into service… it’s the ultimate opportunity for growth that FORGIVENESS present you with.

Time for Reflection:

  1. Who do you need to forgive today?
  2. Does this forgiveness includes forgiving yourself?
  3. Who are you when you choose forgiveness and gratitude?