What is Conscious Leadership

With the Consciousness Academy, our aim is to Inspire Conscious Leadership is all areas of life: business, family, relationships…

We envision a world led by empowered human beings who CONSCIOUSLY LEAD their own lives, caring for the well-being of others and the planet.

We are facing many challenges as the human collective. We strongly feel that Conscious Leadership is the solution to all these challenges.

As we raise our Consciousness becoming Leaders who lead from the Heart, with the wellbeing of others and the planet in our Minds and Hearts, we will be able to develop solutions in any area of expertise that not only are not harmful to the eco-system, we will go beyond sustainability and will start creating conscious solutions that benefit the planet and humanity in all ways. This is already happening and there are many companies that are functioning this way.

Leaders are both born and made. Some people are born with natural leadership abilities. For years we have been told that these are the only possible leaders. This is far from the truth. Leadership is a skill, all skills can be taught, trained, coached and improved upon.

Learning leadership skills allows you to decide on your leadership style.


It is true, that some people are born with stronger leadership tendencies than others. Some people are born with abilities to draw, write, sing… yet these skills can also be learnt and mastered. The same applies to leadership. If you are a innate leader, your leadership skills can be improved. If you don´t consider yourself a leader, you have a white canvas to start adding skills in and become a CONSCIOUS LEADER.


You decide to become a Conscious Leader if you care for the planet, if you feel the call to leave a legacy that creates huge impact, if you feel responsible to create a better world for future generations, if you feel you desire to work and live via your values.


  1. We Inspire Conscious Leadership by deciding to become a Conscious Leader. Leading by example. Working on ourselves to become Heart-Centered Conscious Leaders.
  2. Living our Vision and our Purpose: INSPIRING CONSCIOUS LEADERSHIP.
  3. With your Work, you live your vision and your purpose through your work. This is what we do at the Consciousness Academy:
  • We speak about Conscious Leadership in speaking engagements, writings, podcasts, blogs…
  • We train others to become Leader-Coaches with Transpersonal Coaching and Conscious Leadership skills
  • We run the Consciousness Academy website and Facebook group
  • We offer online training and coaching solutions
  • We inspire and empower women globally to be their authentic selves with our project WOMAN 5.0
  • We collaborate and partner up with businesses and people who are already leading Consciously
  • We support those who are not enjoying a Prosperity Consciousness yet with the Shambhala Trust
  • We create spaces for people to practice Mindfulness in Spain with the non-profit association Andalucía Es Mindfulness
  • We support the global change in the entrepreneurial world with the Spanish Chapter of Women of Global Change.

You can do it too. Becoming a Conscious Leader starts with your decision to be one, your continuous self-development, finding your Soul´s purpose and removing all blockages in the way of reuniting with your GREATNESS.

We would love to accompany you in your journey towards Conscious Leadership. Contact us today: info@gemaramirez.com