The Story of the Patient who Recovered from the Virus

“Help me God, help me… I cannot breathe, I cannot breath anymore… please God help me…”. She had this lethal virus and because she was old and damaged, her respiratory system was badly failing.

She kept praying because she loved life… she was live herself.

She prayed so much and so intensely that her prayers were answered and the virus that was invading her body was contained and put into quarantine.

She started breathing again and soon began to recover. Her virus was under control. She still had it within her, but it was contained, stopped and its power was reduced.

After a few weeks of confinement, the virus, an intelligent creature, started to learn that being confined was no good and hence developed new ways of being that would be no so destructive for its environment, because it would end up being bad for itself. This is how the virus started its mutation into a more evolved, better version of itself capable of living in harmony with its host.

The former sick patient, her name was GAIA, recovered fully from her virus infection. Gaia´s compassionate and loving nature prepared herself with open arms, as she felt stronger and more beautiful than ever, to give this newly mutated and evolved virus called HUMANITY a new chance in her newly created Paradise that she called HEAVEN ON EARTH.

💛 Be safe. Stay strong. Have faith. Be at Peace. 💛
– Gema Ramirez –