Stop… Review… Restart

During times of great change like the current times, people feel lost, fear, isolated.

When more than ever you need the connection from others, you are asked to disconnect, to not touch, to retreat at home.

The uncertainty of what´s happening, brings also uncertainty about the future: are you facing a global economic crisis head on?

Sense of humour and hope have become the biggest allies. Memes and jokes are making your days more bearable. Any good news with a bit of positivism, a soft balm of comfort and warmth.

Yet these events are also bringing good things.

You have the greatest opportunity to stop the rush hour, to stop the madness of your day to day, to pause your life for a moment and to look at it from the inside out.

You have been given the gift of slowing down, of staying at home with some of your loved ones or maybe alone. This could turn into a journey of introspection into the depths of your soul that could reveal magical things about you and your life.

You have been given time to go inside, in the desperation outside, you have a cubicle of peace inside your heart that is claiming your attention.

As the Earth heals because you are out of her way, giving her a much needed break, she is breathing and healing… she is waking up from the darkness you put her through each day… she is having a rest and an opportunity to recover.

If your Mother Earth is doing that, it is time for you to do that too. Take this gift of time alone and transform it into the biggest trip of self-transformation that you could ever imagine. Allow your heart to be open, allow your mind to stop, allow your body to rest, allow your spirit to be heard, allow your life to show you what´s going well and what´s not, allow your family to show your their love and allow your love to love them back, allow time to be in abundance and do all those things you always wanted to do when you had time, allow your house to be your cocoon and wake up from within you waves of appreciation for the home that you have built, allow gratitude and appreciation to be your guides for a better life, allow forgiveness to make it´s way into the deepest corners of your heart, allow love to build up into wise compassion for you and your loved ones, allow loving kindness to wake you up in the morning, allow joy to accompany you throughout your day, allow love to be the final thought of each day and allow your soul to guide the way ahead from now on.

You have a huge chance of starting again, of healing those wounds, of feel your heart again.

Use the time wisely, rest and restart.

Come out at the other side of the crisis feeling Resilient, Strong, Unstoppable.

Use smile and laughter as your medicines.

Be thankful to the #coronavirus #outbreak for giving you the opportunity to stop, to review, to restart.