FLOW Includes the Acknowledgement that All Is Well

FLOW is the essence of the Universe going forth. There is nothing more significant for our mental health that following the FLOW of life.

But this ´following the FLOW of life´ does not mean that we disengage from life, accept it all and sit under a boddhi tree waiting for enlightenment. It does not mean to ´go with the FLOW´ in the sense of letting go of all and live without a care in the world.

Quite the opposite, following the FLOW of life implies taking full responsibility for your well-being, putting yourself first as the utmost priority and showing up and showing off for every single one of your Soul´s Dreams and Callings.

Easier said that done, putting yourself as the solely priority is not that simple. It has taken me years of pursuing enlightenment, of meditating, of growing in consciousness, of eternal clearing and cleaning to come up to the realisation that God (call it Universe, call it Love, call it Grace, you name it…), that God´s ultimate dream is for me to be so in love with myself that Joy pours out of every single one of my pores and Peace becomes my only goal.

It is God´s Will that I am Happy, Blissful, Joyful, Peaceful. It is God´s Will that I enjoy everything that creation has to offer. It is God´s Will that I illuminate my days with things I love doing, with songs I love singing.

That is FLOW… to be so in alignment with God´s Will for me, that my Will is His Will, and to allow the Universal Grace and Infinite Intelligence to infuse every cell of my body with such force of Unconditional Love that there is nothing else that I want to do than to please God´s Will.